Introduction to Croatian language: Syllables

Just like Korean language has syllables so does Croatian. However, they are not so obvious right away because Latin alphabet is written linearly and not organized into blocks like Hangul

A syllable can consists of any number of consonants (or none at all) but has to contain ONLY ONE vowel.

크로아티아어 음절로 나누다

In the sentence

Učenik je u školi.

학생이 학교 있어요.

syllables are as follows

U-če-nik je u ško-li.

Sometimes, if there are no other vowels near it, then ‘r’ is considered a vowel as well. That’s why words like ‘prst’ (손가락) are possible.

Syllables in Croatian language are only important when breaking the word that can’t fit into one line into the next one. For example,

Učenik je u ško-

li svaki dan.

So, if you are not certain where the syllables are, just move the whole word into the next line and you don’t need to bother with this.

Učenik je u

školi svaki dan.


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